Trevanna TrackStar Directory

You asked. We listened! As you become more reliant on Trevanna Tracks to streamline, track and analyze your music clearance and licensing activity, we know you prefer to engage with music supervisors who are proficient in the platform.

In response, we created a TrackStar verification program. See below a list of music supervisors and coordinators who know how to use Trevanna Tracks.

If you would like to join the list and have experience in the platform, email!  If you would like to join our next TrackStar Training session, register here!

Alex Kleinman

Alice Carson

Amanda Krieg Thomas

Aminé Ramer

Anna Romanoff

Ashley Neumeister

Bekki Newton

Ben Anderson

Ben Sokoler

BJ Gallagher

Carmela Daniel

Carolyn Richardson

Chris Patrick

Ciara Elwis

Francesca Harding

Gabrielle Sones

Hannah Dunnell

Haruka Maehara

James Combs

Jason Powers

Jazmine Dukes

Jenna Wilson

Jennifer Smith

Jessie Monville

Jody Friedman

Joseph Epperson

Justin Feldman

Karen Falzone

Kat Cabello

Kirsten Lane

Lindsay Wolfington

Maddi Frick

Mandisa Henry

Maria Adaixo

Matt Biffa

Mia Zeidler 

Michael Hill

Michelle Johnson

Milena Erke

Nadia Acosta-Uribe

Natasha Duprey

Nikki Javadi

Peymon Maskan

Pru Miller

Rachael LaCava

Rouha Sadighi

Samir Fernandes

Sara Garcia

Sarah Bromberg

Shuba Mohan

Sylvia Moulthrop

Tamra Greer

Taylor Rowley

Trevanna has provided a list of individuals (each, a “TrackStar”) who have participated in the TrackStar training program (the “TrackStar List”).  The TrackStar List does not constitute an endorsement of any particular TrackStar, nor does the TrackStar List constitute a representation as to the skill or proficiency level of any particular TrackStar. The TrackStar List is not intended to be, and is not, a substitute for a licensor of Trevanna software applying their own evaluation procedures for each TrackStar or other individual engaged by such licensor to use the Trevanna software.