Eliminate Inefficiencies

Organize sync music clearance & license data with intuitive software

The Standard in Clearance and License Management

Trevanna Tracks is software with an intuitive interface to easily enter newly cleared track and license data. As you make changes, total project costs and statuses update in real time. With the ability to search across all active and completed projects, Trevanna Tracks becomes your proprietary music database.

Platform Key Features Include:

Top Sheet View

No more spreadsheets! High level project views show progress, statuses, license counts, outstanding tasks and percentages paid and compare total costs to budget.

Document Storage

Drag and drop quotes, confirmation letters, licenses, invoices and proofs of payment, all centralized for a version-controlled paper trail.

Customized Templates

Dynamic, fully customizable quote requests and confirmation letters eliminate errors and can be sent to multiple parties at once.

Watchlist and TREK

Internal action requests and automated alerts minimize emails and calendar updates while providing a snapshot of outstanding tasks.


Generate and download company or project-level reports on licensors, expiring media, budgets and more.

The Standard in Customer Experience

No matter the size of the company or project, Trevanna Tracks is committed to providing customers with an unparalleled experience. Founded by a team with decades of production experience, and developed in tandem with our world-class clients, Trevanna Tracks knows what you need.

Development decisions are made as a result of user feedback and specific requests, resulting in technology that is meaningful, enriching and effective.

Our leadership team is involved in onboarding, feature requests and general assistance through the life of your subscription.

Every interaction with the product and people of Trevanna Tracks is rooted in trust, reliability and a culture of listening.

The Standard in Security

Trevanna Tracks is built with significant security and compliance measures at every layer of the stack to protect your work and your company’s data.

 Successful completion of a SOC2 audit certifies our commitment to cybersecurity best practices.

The entire environment, from the server to the flexible JavaScript framework, is built to keep the information in Trevanna Tracks confidential.

Monitoring and response systems prevent or minimize incidents.

Single sign-on (SSO) solutions are available.

Flexible Plans

Because no client is standard


Try on Trevanna Tracks for a single project––a feature, a season in a series, a video game or a marketing campaign: one project and you’ll be a fan.

Media Companies

We work with mini-majors, music supervision and clearance companies, and production companies with limited resources. 

Marketing Teams

For brands and agencies focused on maximizing assets in marketing efforts, Trevanna Tracks offers access only to the marketing module.

Enterprise Plans

Created to meet the needs of global studios with multiple divisions, legacy data and large teams of freelance music supervisors to manage.