elephant love medley. ain’t no sunshine. in your eyes. harvest moon. american girl. evergreen. wichita lineman. the whole of the moon. raindrops keep fallin’ on my head. lost stars. take a look at me now. lose yourself. i melt with you. gimme shelter. the power of love. one singular sensation. cold little heart. super freak. both sides now. god only knows. i will always love you. what a feeling.

We all have favorites: love songs, classic rock, jazz, top 40, undiscovered indies… Music placed in the perfect scene makes a film come alive unlike anything else. It can define a trailer! And it has become an interactive tool in some of the most popular video games.

Everyone loves that magical music moment, but using music in film, television, video games and marketing campaigns has been a tedious, time-consuming and error-laden endeavor. Until now.

Sync music clearance and licensing starts at the beginning of a production and ends late, crossing several creative and business departments as each project moves from conception to delivery. Final music selections are often some of the last decisions made on a project; immediate access to the status and documents for each license is critical to deliver the project in a complete, accurate and professionally organized manner.

Trevanna Tracks was born out of my unique perspective on the need for more efficient collaboration among those responsible for getting music licensed, paid and delivered. What began as a solution for Trevanna Post, our sister post-accounting company with over 700 films in its portfolio, was quickly adopted by Netflix when its music licensing team saw the product’s delivery and database capabilities. This solution evolved into Trevanna Tracks, a powerful tool that’s transforming decades of aggravation into a seamless workflow application.

For music licensing executives and their teams, Trevanna Tracks is a powerful tool that optimizes their workflows and maximizes impact. Used by the world’s most forward-thinking studios—the blockbusters that understand how the right software platform can revolutionize essential business processes—Trevanna Tracks is The Standard.

~ Jennifer Freed, Founder and CEO of Trevanna Post and Trevanna Tracks

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Jennifer Freed

Founder and CEO

Monica Cronin

Head of Product

Devon Edwards

Director of Client Success

Rudy Quevedo

Tech Lead

Liora London

Operations Coordinator

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