Want to be a TrackStar? Attend our training on February 7 in LA!
Want to be a TrackStar? Attend our training on February 7 in LA!

Trevanna Tracks

The Standard.

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to the first cloud-based software for the management of music licensing in film, television & gaming. Created by industry leaders.

Trevanna Tracks.
It’s as good as it sounds.

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Why Trevanna

The path from idea to execution is almost never a straight line. From the happy chaos of brainstorming creative ideas, to the hunt for missing splits, to the delivery of an elegant finished product, Trevanna Tracks streamlines each step of your music clearance and licensing workflow.

As the single source of truth for multiple departments, Trevanna Tracks is simple to use and always accurate.

Clearance Clear your music in a standardized platform that allows for consistent data entry while retaining research for future reference.

Licensing Stay organized, streamline communication across departments, improve licensor ownership and establish data integrity in a high-volume environment.

Finance Track invoices, tax forms and payments along with a clear and detailed breakdown of fees to each licensor. 

Leadership Access a proprietary song database anytime to analyze the impact on each project or the business as a whole.

The Standard for Every Project

Whether you’re working on a feature, series, video game, marketing assets or branded content, Trevanna Tracks is exactly what you need.

Increase Efficiency

Reduce errors with ability to search, review, copy or enter tracks and licenses across current and past projects.

Collaborate Effectively

Update, upload and revise information for the whole team to access.

Track Accurately

View project statuses in real time to increase transparency and maintain document version control.

Deliver Effortlessly

Export all documentation with one click into a single zip file.

How does it work?

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