Rudy Quevedo Tech Lead

Rudy Quevedo

Tech Lead

From the dark ages of table layouts to the wonders of flexbox, over the last twelve years Rudy has developed his skills side by side with the ever-changing landscape of the web. He’s had the pleasure of being part of a variety of teams: startups, where he rolled up his sleeves and built something from scratch; well-oiled machines, where he worked on a team of more than 20 engineers; and most recently, the fast-paced world of agencies, quickly pivoting from one project to another. These experiences have helped Rudy develop a keen ability to solve problems and a humble approach to working within teams of any size.

When not tackling the latest technological challenges, Rudy is a passionate gamer and his favorite pastime is hosting a podcast for the LA Galaxy called “Straight from the Stands.”

At Trevanna Tracks, he is developing features, both small and large, that enhance the flow and functionality of Trevanna Tracks while maintaining our high security standards.

Favorite Synced Song: “Bam Bam” by Sister Nancy, 1982, as used in the film Belly (1998)