Music Licensing Management Solved? Those who test it out think so!

Entertainment and technology have become inseparable. Every department that touches a film, a series, or a video game has innovated with more sophisticated technologies – yet somehow music clearance and licensing has been slow to make that transition.

Sync licensing is the industry’s most exciting segment right now. So how can we get its professionals to consider a new tool kit?

Talk about it!

The first step is to talk about technology. In other words, to make the industry aware of what is available and comfortable with the conversation that will eventually lead to adoption.

And the next step is education.


In order for education to go well, it can’t just be about executing the same steps in a new way. It must go beyond the practical skills of using a tool, and instead focus on helping an industry conceptualize how it will gain perspective and learn to leverage information not available “the way it’s always been done.”

Before Trevanna Tracks, music clearance and licensing teams didn’t think the problems they were facing could be solved. And many still hold on to that belief.

Because we understand the leap required to adopt a new technology, everyone at Trevanna Tracks is dedicated to education from the very first touchpoint through the entire client lifecycle.

We’ve embraced everyone in the business – from students to studio executives – and take an equal amount of time with each. The world’s most forward-thinking studios don’t have the time to hold on to old processes, so they are eager to learn.  And the students will go into the workforce with the expectation that Trevanna Tracks is part of the job. 

Attendees at our inaugural Trevanna TrackStar training session came because they had heard the hype and wanted to see for themselves if we could truly address their pain points. The answer, it turns out, is YES IT CAN!