Trevanna Tracks & Soundmouse Partner

Two industry leaders join forces to take music supervisors and editors from clearance to cue sheet in a fraction of the time.

Trevanna Tracks, the industry standard in sync clearance and licensing software, announces a new integration with Soundmouse, the long-standing leader in music and cue sheet reporting. Now Trevanna users will be able to seamlessly move song metadata, including splits and usage, from Trevanna to Soundmouse, generating accurate cue sheets with ease. 

“Trevanna’s data and documents give production teams everything needed to air a synced song, but it doesn’t take the next step to ensure ongoing downstream payments. This process was brilliantly sorted by Soundmouse,” explains Jennifer Freed, founder and CEO of Trevanna Tracks. “We not only respect the team at Soundmouse, but they also have extraordinary technology, strong relationships with the PROs, decades of experience, and a complementary client base. When we were introduced to Soundmouse, we knew a partnership would solve that last stage in the music licensing process.”

“We’re thrilled to work with Trevanna Tracks to bring more value to our users,” says Mark Vermaat, Soundmouse’s Head of Business Development. “We share a dedication to creating a more efficient way for broadcasters and studios to manage sync and administrative tasks. This partnership enables collaboration between music supervisors and editors, saves time, and significantly lessens the margin for error in reporting royalties.”

Trevanna Tracks’ workflow starts at the beginning of the research and clearance process. The platform keeps track of negotiations, alternative tracks, rights holders, splits, usage, and notes, all the way through to final processing, including executed contracts and proof of payment. Soundmouse picks up from there, managing cue sheets and metadata as it connects all stakeholders in the reporting process: broadcasters, producers, collecting societies, distributors, and, of course, music creators.

The Soundmouse integration will allow Trevanna users to directly download a cue sheet file with complete licensing data, prepared for a direct upload to Soundmouse. Prior to that export, an in-platform Cue Sheet View highlights any missing information in red, minimizing errors and oversights. Soundmouse users, be they music supervisors or music editors, will have the ability to upload the file directly into Soundmouse and make any further amendments, eliminating the need to re-enter data.

“With the ever-increasing amount of visual content and the growing complexity of sync music licenses, we strive to make the organization and administration less onerous for music teams,” Freed reflects. “When technology enables collaboration and effortless delivery of essential information, it’s a huge step forward.” 

About Trevanna Tracks

Trevanna Tracks is a subscription-based software designed by entertainment industry professionals to streamline the process of clearing and licensing music for film, television, video games, and marketing assets. Woman-owned, and women-run, Trevanna Tracks is an intuitive, centralized, and secure platform so multiple departments can stay efficient and accurate at every step.

About Soundmouse

Soundmouse is an independent media technology company that specializes in music cue sheet reporting and audio recognition services. The global standard for cue sheet and music reporting around the world, Soundmouse connects all stakeholders in the reporting process: broadcasters, studios, independent producers, PROs, distributors, program makers, and, of course, music creators.

It manages music cue sheets and metadata for many of the world’s leading networks, channels, studios, streaming platforms, and media companies and also offers services to PROs, such as ASCAP, BMI, GEMA, IMRO, PPL, PRS, SESAC, and others.