The Overview: Where the customer experience drives product innovation

Will this improve our clients’ productivity in a meaningful way?  This question is at the heart of each decision made by Trevanna Tracks, because product innovation is deeply interconnected to the client experience.

Initially built as a tool for individual film projects, Trevanna Tracks quickly grew into an enterprise solution for teams licensing music for commercial use in high volume environments. At that level, there is a need to track documents across all of your projects at once, while various team members can be focused on different tasks.

Choose the filtered view you need to see!

When we learned in a bi-weekly client meeting that some of our users were keeping a separate, color-coded, spreadsheet to look at all their projects at once: we thought, this may not have been presented as one, but “Houston, we have a problem!”  Just days later, our head of product came to the team with a solution which is now live as Overview.

“Our goal is to streamline a user’s workflow, not add to it“ says Trevanna Tracks Head of Product, Monica Cronin.

“Our goal is to streamline a user’s workflow, not add to it,“ says Trevanna Tracks Head of Product, Monica Cronin. “To know that a user was entering the same data twice, into two different tools, really triggered the quality-of-life brain to kick in. Adding in the Overview feature gives our users both the high-level and detailed views of their projects that they need all in one place.”

The Overview was designed to provide instant visibility to the status of active licenses across every selected project in a single view, with the ability to color-code and filter licenses based on where they are in the clearance and licensing process.

Color coded and filtered, here is a view of projects missing a fully executed license.

Now in its fifth year, Trevanna Tracks has reached a mature stage in its development through thoughtful product design that can only be achieved by actively listening to our clients as an integral part of our workflow!