Synchtank Partnership Delivers a New Level of Industry Collaboration

Trevanna Tracks, the industry standard in sync clearance and licensing management, and Synchtank, the enterprise grade solution for asset, rights, and royalty management, today announce an innovative new partnership that promises to transform music-related production workflows.

Both companies recognize the profound impact of music in film and television, driving both the emotional connections between content and viewers and a boom in synchronization revenue for rights holders. However, as highlighted in Synchtank’s Communication Breakdown report, there are significant inefficiencies in the market stemming from licensing complexities, outdated infrastructure, and ever-increasing demand for music usage.

“In Trevanna Tracks we have found a partner who understands the benefits that well designed and applied technology can bring to our industry.”

Rory Bernard, Synchtank CEO

As the use of music continues to rapidly explode, media companies urgently need a better way to manage workflows at scale. With their integration, Trevanna Tracks and Synchtank will make the baton pass from creative to licensing and royalty reporting a seamless, efficient process with unparalleled accuracy.

The ultimate goal of the partnership is to bring added value to a combined ecosystem of clients and vendors. Users can discover, clear, license and deliver commercial and library tracks in a fraction of the time utilizing smart, end to end workflows, while faster access to accurate data means improved compliance. The strategic roadmap also includes expedited payments to rights holders through Synchtank’s royalty and analytics suites.

Synchtank CEO Rory Bernard: “In Trevanna Tracks we have found a partner who understands the benefits that well designed and applied technology can bring to our industry, and their platform is highly complementary to our asset, rights, and royalty systems. We are excited by our shared vision to help our client communities save time and costs and enhance their content production workflows.”

“To align with Synchtank, a leader and innovator in the music tech space, is not only an honor, but it supports our strategic vision,” says Selina Meere, Trevanna Tracks’ COO.  “As we listen to the needs of our clients, a common thread is one system in which entire music departments can perform a range of tasks while staying compliant. This partnership lays the foundation for even greater industry collaboration as phases of the integration roll out.”

About Trevanna Tracks:

Trevanna Tracks is a subscription-based software designed by entertainment industry professionals to streamline the process of clearing and licensing music for film, television, video games and marketing assets. Woman-owned, and women-run, Trevanna Tracks is an intuitive, centralized, and secure platform so multiple departments can stay efficient and accurate at every step.

About Synchtank:

Synchtank offers B2B SaaS solutions for entertainment companies to manage assets and rights, monetize content, and process revenue. Its mission is to improve efficiencies across digital entertainment with a powerful suite of solutions for music rights holders (record labels, music publishers, libraries) and music rights users (broadcasters, platforms, production companies).